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SICOMA Concrete Mixer 2000L

July 8, 2024

The sicoma concrete mixer 2000l is a kind of efficient concrete mixing equipment, which is mainly used for concrete mixing and mixing plant production. It is mainly used as the main machine of HZS120 concrete mixing plant, which is suitable for mixing plastic, dry hard, light aggregate concrete and all kinds of mortar and mortar.

The following are the equipment parameters and advantages of the sicoma mixer 2000l:

1. Equipment parameters:

Feeding capacity: 3200L

Discharge capacity: 2000L (i.e. 2 square meters per discharge)

Theoretical productivity: 120 cubic meters per hour

Aggregate maximum particle size: 80/60mm

2. Advantage:

– Efficient mixing: SICOMA concrete mixer adopts specially designed mixing blades and mixing drum structure, which can mix concrete quickly and evenly, ensuring the quality and uniformity of concrete.

– Stable and reliable: the equipment adopts high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing technology, which has stable and reliable performance, and can operate continuously for a long time to ensure the productivity of the mixing plant.

– Easy to operate: the equipment adopts humanized design, easy to operate, easy to control and maintain, reducing labor cost and maintenance cost.

– Multiple specifications for choice: SICOMA concrete mxier 2m3 has multiple specifications and models for choice, you can choose the right mixing capacity and power according to the actual needs of the construction site, to meet the requirements of different projects.

– Easy maintenance: The mixing arm, scraper, liner plate and other parts are made of good material with long service life, which reduces the replacement frequency and maintenance cost. Floating sealing ring and other components are reasonably designed and easy to maintain, which reduces the overall operating costs of customers.

– Wide range of application: it is suitable for various scales and types of construction projects, such as residential buildings, commercial buildings, roads, bridges, etc. It is a kind of multifunctional and efficient concrete mixing equipment.

In a word, sicoma concrete mixer 2000l has the advantages of high efficient mixing, stable and reliable, easy operation, multiple specifications optional, etc. It is suitable for all kinds of concrete mixing production of construction projects, and it is a kind of mixing equipment with superior performance, and it occupies an important position in the market of concrete mixing equipment.

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