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Concrete Mixer For Sale In Nigeria

September 11, 2023

There are various concrete mixer for sale in nigeria, with multiple models, serving different sectors of the industry. They can be classified into large, medium, and small-sized concrete mixers. Haomei Machinery’s concrete mixer includes civil concrete mixers, with the main series being JZC, JZM, JDC, and engineering concrete mixers, with the main series being JS concrete mixers, ranging from JS500 to JS3000, and other models.


Concrete mixer for sale in nigeria are processed with special treatment for vulnerable parts such as mixing blades and liner plates. They are made of wear-resistant alloy materials and the liner plates can be easily installed and unloaded. Each mixing shaft is equipped with 7 mixing arms, with the outer end bolted to the mixing blades. The axial and radial clearances with the mixing drum can be adjusted according to wear conditions. The mixing drum adopts a welded structure of steel plates, ensuring the rigidity of the drum and the reliability of the seal at the shaft end.

concrete mixer for sale in nigeria

The concrete mixer in nigeria produced by Haomei Machinery are:

  1. Theconcretemixer has a small size, low height, compact arrangement, and convenient loading and transportation. It has a structurally reasonable and solid design, ensuring good operation reliability.
  2. The concrete mixer has a large capacity, high efficiency, and short mixing time. The material movement area is located above the discharge gate, and the unloading time is shorter compared to other models, resulting in a higher productivity.
  3. The blades and liner plates of the concrete mixer have minimal wear and a long service life, and the material is less likely to segregate.
  4. The material movement area is concentrated between the two axes, with a short material travel distance, full extrusion effect, high frequency, and good mixing quality.


Having been in the concrete mixing equipment industry for nearly forty years, we are one of the earlier manufacturer of concrete mixer for sale in nigeria in Henan Province. Our years of experience in concrete mixing production ensure the quality and reliability of our products, reasonable cost-effectiveness, and better services.

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