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Small Portable Concrete Batch Plant Manufacturer

September 5, 2023

As a well known small portable concrete batch plant manufacturer, Haomei Machinery are specialized in offer portable concrete batch plants 25-90m3/h. For a small portable concrete batch plant, YHZS25 concrete batch plant is a kind of equipment used to produce concrete, it can be moved to different construction sites and perform concrete mixing and production on site. The discharge height of this concrete batch plant is 4.2 meters, so that the concrete can be easily loaded into the transport vehicle and transported to the place where it is needed.

small portable concrete batch plant manufacturer

Features of equipment offered by small portable concrete batch plant manufacturer:

It is highly mobile and can be quickly transferred to different construction sites.

The discharge height is high, which is convenient for loading concrete.

The mixing effect is good, which can ensure the quality of concrete.

High degree of automation, simple and convenient operation.


Small portable concrete batch plants equipment composition:

Concrete mixer: It is used to mix raw materials such as cement, aggregate, mineral powder and admixture to produce uniform concrete.

Silo: used to store raw materials to ensure continuous feeding during the production process.

Control system: used to control the operation of the mixer and conveying equipment to realize automatic production.


Scenes that small portable concrete batch to be used:

Construction site: It is used to produce concrete and supply it to the construction site.

Water conservancy project: used to produce concrete and supply it to water conservancy project.

Road construction: used for the production of concrete, which is supplied to road construction.


The small portable concrete batch plant manufacturer provide very practical equipment, which has the characteristics of strong mobility, high discharge height, good mixing effect and high degree of automation. It can be used in different construction sites to produce high-quality concrete to meet the needs of various projects. Whether it is a construction site, water conservancy project or road construction, this equipment can be used for the production of concrete. Its discharge height is 4.2 meters, which is convenient for tank trucks to load concrete and improves work efficiency. It is hoped that this device can bring convenience to various construction sites and promote the progress of engineering construction.

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