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Dust free concrete mixing plant for sale

December 20, 2018

The dust pollution of old type concrete mixing plant is serious, the environmental protection of concrete batching plant has been a difficult problem. But there is a type of dust free concrete mixing plant for sale on the market, have you ever seen?

concrete mixing plant for sale

The main dust producing positions of the concrete mixing station are aggregate hopper, feeding place, weighing place, intersection of flat belt and inclined belt, feeding port above inclined belt, feeding place of waiting hopper and concrete mixer and upper exhaust hole of powder bin. The dust free concrete mixing plant are special designed in these places where is easy to produce dust, the dust removal and collect device are installed, and the dust removal effect is good. What’s more, the collect dust can be recycled to use, which also reduce the raw material waste ans improve the utilization.

In response to the environmental protection principle, the research and development of environment-friendly dust free concrete mixing plant for sale appearance on the market. In order to achieve better free duct performance, the main building, belt conveyor and the material yard can be encapsulated with steel structure. In order to prevent the concrete from spilling into other parts of the equipment at the unloading port, the unloading port can be encapsulated with steel structure.

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