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How to improve the mixing quality of wet concrete batching plants

December 25, 2018

Although a lot of manpower and material resources have been invested in concrete production, the quality of the produced concrete will still be uneven, and sometimes difficult to control. In this regard, there are some tips for concrete quality management of wet concrete batching plants has been compiled for you, hoping to help the concrete production.

wet concrete batching plants

1. Advance notice
The staff of the concrete batching plant should inform the test personnel in advance of the number, quantity, construction site and construction method of the concrete to be mixed on the day, and apply for the construction mix ratio. The materials used in the concrete mixing plant must pass all the inspections.
2. Calculate the mix ratio
The tester of the concrete batching plant takes the sand and gravel material before the operation to determine the water content, converts the theoretical mix ratio of the concrete into the construction mix ratio, fills in the construction ingredient notice, and is reviewed by the technical supervisor. Under normal circumstances, the water content should be measured twice per shift, and it should be measured at any time in rainy days, and the concrete construction ratio should be adjusted in time according to the measurement results.
3. The material is consistent with the mix ratio
The staff of the wet concrete batching plants will receive the construction ingredient notice in advance to the batching plant test room, and must strictly follow the construction mix ratio of the test room. The materials used are consistent with the mix ratio, non-testers are strictly prohibited to adjust the mix ratio.

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