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What is the price of small concrete batching plant for sale?

January 3, 2019

The price of the small concrete batching plant for sale is lower than large concrete batching plant, and also it has a direct relationship with its configuration. The high configuration concrete batching plant will have a high price, and the low configuration concrete batching plant will have a low price. So what are the configurations of the small concrete batching plant?

small concrete batching plant for sale

The concrete mixing machine of small concrete mixing plant adopts JS series twin-shaft forced concrete mixer, which may mix fluidity, dry hard, lightweight aggregate concrete and mortar. The concrete mixer has reasonable structure, good mixing quality, short mixing period, energy saving and low noise. The mini concrete batching plant uses PLD series concrete batching machine, which consists of feeding mechanism, metering system, electrical control system and so on. The characteristic is is fed by a belt conveyor, and the measuring method is a lever plus single sensor system, and the weighing is accurate. The cement silos is used in small concrete batching plant to do bulk cement storage equipment, which can replace the civil construction silo. It has the characteristics of waterproof, moisture proof, prevention of cement loss and environmental pollution, small occupied space, long service life and low cost. The transmission mode of the cement and admixture of the mini concrete batching plant is a screw conveyor, which is a device for continuously conveying materials by using a rotating body in a casing of a cylindrical section of the package. The equipment adopts the patented universal inlet of the market, which makes the assembly more and more convenient.

The concrete mixing machine, batching machine, cement silos, screw conveyor is the necessary equipment of small concrete batching plant for sale, but the model and number of cement silos and screw conveyor are selected by the user according to the individual’s actual situation.

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