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Concrete Portable Batch Plant

September 14, 2022

Concrete portable batch plant belongs to a concrete construction machinery with high movable ability and high degree of automation. Nowadays, there are many private concrete companies. The portable concrete batch plant is designed for long distance and short construction period projects. With mixing productivity of 25-90m3/h, portable batching plant is welcomed on the concrete batch plant equipment market. When building a portable concrete batch plant, they try to save money and quickly, and ignore the process design and requirements of portable concrete batching plant equipment manufacturers, which leads to many problems.

concrete portable batch plant

The process design of the concrete portable batch plant is not complicated, but poor planning can cause a lot of inconvenience to production. Many companies that produce concrete batching plant equipment do not have the process design approval process. After the portable batching plant purchased by the customer is installed and used, they realize that there are many unreasonable places in their concrete batching plant equipment. Before the construction of the portable batch plant, there must be a process design drawing. According to the approval of the process design, it must be approved before the construction of the portable concrete batch plant equipment foundation project, and the unscientific design plan should be changed.


Therefore, it is recommended to build a concrete portable batch plant, and you must carefully select the process design plan of the verification portable concrete batch plant equipment, make plans for some situations that may occur, and choose a scientific and reasonable process plan to prevent mistakes, resulting in increased operating costs, or refurbishment, resulting in property losses . Investors should hire experienced (product quality, machinery and equipment, safety, laboratory, etc.) professional technical personnel to be responsible for the interview.

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