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Mobile Mini Concrete Batching Plant

September 6, 2022

Most of the mobile concrete batching plants are used to small and medium-sized engineering projects, many of which are designed to meet the needs of the project. Unnecessary functions and decorations can be discarded. Based on the needs of customers, they can produce concrete quality standards that meet the needs of the project. Therefore, mobile mini concrete batching plant is more welcomed on the market, like YHZS25, YHZS35, YHZS50 and YHZS60. Don’t see the models of mobile concrete batching plant are small, its efficiency is high. For one reason, the aggregate feeding method is belt conveyor, which has high efficiency, second, the control system of mobile concrete batching plant is fully automatic or semi automatic, so the mixing efficiency is improved again.

mobile mini concrete batching plant

The model of the mobile mini concrete batching plant is relatively small compared to the commercial concrete batching plant, but its production standard is the same as that of the commercial concrete batching plant, and it can achieve the production of high grade concrete. Because mobile concrete batching plant adopts a fully automatic control system with and storage function, it can improve work efficiency and facilitate the query of daily punching records. At the same time, because the mini mobile concrete batching plant equipment is movable, it can be quickly moved to other places after the completion of this production and construction project. It not only reduces the transportation cost of finished products, but also realizes timely construction on site.


Mobile mini concrete batching plant is the best on-site mixing equipment at this stage. Because it can be moved, it also reduces site construction investment, reduces costs, and improves production profits. It is actually worth promoting. So please ask for price of mobile concrete batching plant if you are interested in!

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