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RMC Batching Plant Supplier

August 30, 2022

It is very important to choose a reliable rmc batching plant supplier, which determines whether the ready mix concrete plant can operate normally for a long time. So how to choose a ready mix concrete batching plant equipment manufacturer? Here are some suggestions for your reference.

rmc batching plant supplier

1, Look at the honor of the the rmc batching plant manufacturer

2, Look at the quality of the ready mix concrete batching plant equipment

3, Look at the customer base of the ready mix concrete plant manufacturer

4, look at the equipment manufacturer system of rmc batching plant

5, Look at the after-sales service of rmc batching plant supplier


Generally, the transportation distance of ready mix concrete is not more than 10km. If the concrete volume beyond the 10km distance is small, it can be increased to 15km. RMC batching plant should be located at the location where the concrete volume is concentrated and on the side of the road with better road transportation conditions. The distance from the sand yard and stone plant is close, the water source is sufficient, and it is far away from the residents. If the hillside terrain can be fully utilized, the material yard is set on a higher platform on the hillside, which can reduce the feeding height of the batching machine.


Generally, small concrete batching plants or rural batching plants do not need to apply for relevant qualifications. If you need to build large concrete batching plants or build ready mix concrete plant, you need to apply for professional enterprise qualifications for various commercial concrete batching plants.


For investors, only by choosing a rmc batching plant supplier with strong technical strength and ensuring the quality and stability of the ready mix concrete plant equipment can ensure the smooth production process, ensure that the construction progress is completed on time, and ensure that the enterprise achieves great economic benefits.

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