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Small Pump Truck 27m

August 23, 2022

The 27 meter small pump truck concrete is the classic of the short and medium telescopic boom concrete pump trucks that have gone all out to create following the HBT trailer pump, HBC truck-mounted pump, and HGY hydraulic press concrete placing machine. It is a high-efficiency concrete conveying machinery and equipment integrating traveling, underwater concrete and fabrics. The small concrete pump truck integrates reasonable sales price, high rationality, high safety factor and high durability. The vehicle chassis, driving force, motor control, hydraulic press and underwater concrete system software are effectively matched. The telescopic boom is flexible and convenient, and the feet is small footprint and indoor space, the whole vehicle is easy to move, flexible, stable and safe.

small pump truck

For the special purpose vehicle chassis developed by the rural market, the total width of the whole small pump truck is only 2.3 meters, which can be easily solved on muddy ground and narrow rural roads, and the basis is excellent. The flexible five-section boom design is adopted in the 27m concrete pump truck, and the fabric range is 20% larger than that of the four-section boom. In addition, the technical construction of one side support point can be easily maintained in narrow places.


The performance advantages of small pump truck are:

1, Committed to the basic construction and manufacturing of new rural middle and low-rise buildings;

2, Committed to the manufacture of short telescopic boom design solutions for railway construction;

3, National IV standard sewage design scheme is more green and environmentally friendly;

4, The underwater concrete system software is hydraulically controlled and fully automatic reversing maintenance is easier and easier;

5, The 27-38m telescopic boom can go up and down in line with the construction technology of high-speed trains;

6, The design of X-shaped feet makes the actual operation more stable and safer;

7, High cost performance, easy to boost construction units to create economic benefits.

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