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Concrete Portable Batching Plant

October 26, 2021

Similar to the concrete stationary batching plant, the concrete portable batching plant also have high mixing efficiency. Compared with fixed concrete batching plant, what are the characteristics of mobile concrete batching plant?


Movable only refers to the state of transportation. The concrete portable batching plant does not need to be loaded on a heavy truck during the transportation process. Instead, the mobile concrete batching plant is driven by a tractor, so as long as it can be installed with wheels are all portable, such as JS, JZC, JZM series of concrete mixers, and JDC350 concrete mixers, but the JS series concrete mixers are too heavy to be equipped with wheels, so they are fixed concrete mixers.

concrete portable batching plant

The portable concrete batching plant need to be fixed while working. Once the mobile concrete batching plant enters the working state, it needs to be fixed. Some people think that the portable concrete batching plant does not need foundation, it is a foundation-free mixing plant, but in fact, the mobile concrete mixing plant still needs a hardened ground to work, and the mobile mixer is the same. When working, it needs to be supported. Legs, or remove the wheels, place the concrete mixer on a flat ground, and then start working.


However, the production capacity of concrete portable batching plant is limited. Although the mobile batching plant has a large-scale YHZS120 mixing plant, but there are few applications, the mobile concrete batching plant is still suitable for small concrete mixing plants, 35 type and the like, The same is true for mobile concrete mixers. At present, only small concrete mixers can be equipped with wheels. For example, the JDC750 concrete mixer is too heavy and is no longer suitable for installing wheels. Therefore, currently mobile concrete mixers are rarely used in projects and are used by customers.

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