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Management Content of Mobile Ready Mix Plant

January 27, 2022

The mobile ready mix plant is a movable type ready mix concrete plant which can produce commercial grade concrete with high efficiency. The most outstanding advantages of mobile ready mix concrete plant shows on the mobile, it is convenient to transfer from on site to another. Whether it is a company or a manufacturer, if you want to operate well, you must have a good management model. In the process of managing mobile concrete batching plant manufacturers, what factors have been affecting them?

mobile ready mix plant

1, Equipment: As we all know, the raw materials of concrete are mixed in proportion by sand, cement, water, admixtures, etc. These raw materials are relatively hard. When the mobile ready mix concrete plant runs for a long time, it will inevitably produce wear and tear, so we need to regularly maintenance and repair of mobile ready mix plant equipment.

2, Production scheduling: When the production department of mobile concrete batching plant issues a production plan, it needs to coordinate with the laboratory and formulate a suitable mix as soon as possible. At the same time, it is necessary to coordinate with the dispatch center and arrange vehicles for loading, transporting, unloading and other matters, so as to avoid delays in the project schedule due to process problems.

3, Risk prevention: proportioning quality prevention, concrete transportation prevention, financial risk prevention, traffic accident prevention.


In addition to the above three factors, the staff is also a part of the management. Some mobile ready mix plant manufacturers have their own equipment and fleets, so it is necessary to track and manage the drivers’ transportation operations in their daily work to ensure that the drivers are in the transportation ready mix concrete. It can be carried out in strict accordance with the corresponding specifications, and the concrete material can be delivered to the construction site on time.

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