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How to improve the efficiency of concrete precast batch plant

June 4, 2019

The professional concrete precast batch plants supplied by Haomei are used to produce precast concrete with high quality and high efficiency. In order to ensure the quality of precast concrete, the mixing performance of the concrete mixing machine should be great. In addition, for the purpose of make more benefit, the mixing efficiency of the precast concrete batching plant should be improved.

concrete precast batch plants

concrete precast batch plants

So as to improve the mixing efficiency of the precast concrete batch plant, Haomei machinery has some tips for customers with more than 20 years experience on the concrete mixing equipment industry. The concrete batch plant operator should follow the following production processes:
1. Before production, you must receive the production task notice and strictly follow the contents of the task list; when there are multiple task orders at the same time, you must be clear-headed, and the precast concrete to be mixed must correspond to the delivery note;
2. Check whether the types of various materials correspond to the controlled components before mixing, whether the material quality can meet the precast concrete label requirements; check whether the state of the precast concrete batch plant equipment is normal and ready.
3. Whether it is necessary to adjust the proportion of sand and gravel according to the water content; whether the feeding timing and the stirring time of the concrete precast batch plants need to be adjusted.
4. Because the mortar adheres to the concrete mixer, consider whether to compensate for sanding, cement and stone reduction.
5. Other notes:
The setting of the stirring time needs to be adjusted according to the requirements of the tester, generally ranging from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. When the admixture is incorporated, the stirring time is appropriately increased according to the mixing method and the process requirement. To ensure that the quality of the concrete meets the requirements.

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