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Theory and actual capacity of hzs concrete batching plant

June 11, 2019

The hzs concrete batching plant has models from HZS25 to HZS240, the theory capacity of 25-240m3/h, which can cover most of the commercial or engineering project use. The model of the HZS concrete mixing plant is named according to the productivity, for example, the HZS50 station has a theoretical productivity of 50 cubic meters per hour. In actual use, there is a gap between the theoretical productivity and actual productivity, this is a common sense of concrete mixing plant model and productivity, and we can choose the batching plant equipment that suits for production needs considered the actual capacity.

hzs concrete batching plant

Concrete batching plants have applications in various projects as well as in commercial and mixed enterprises. The process of concrete batching plant is loading – weighing – conveying – lifting – stirring – discharging – loading – transportation. In actual production, there may be waiting time in each process, so it will affect the overall production efficiency of the concrete batching plant, especially the proficiency of the operator impact on the productivity much.


First, the theoretical capacity of HZS concrete mixing plants
The theoretical capacity is a kind of production efficiency calculated by the concrete mixer according to the theoretical “calculation condition”. When the actual concrete mix ratio and the amount of water and admixture are not considered, the output of the concrete mixer is calculated within one hour, therefore, theoretical capacity has a very good reference value. Theoretical capacity calculation method: theoretical discharge volume of concrete mixer (m3) × 3600 (s) / theoretical production cycle (S). The calculation of theoretical capacity does not take into account the actual situation, such as the actual raw material mix ratio, the amount of water used, and the amount of admixture added; nor does it take into account the actual mixing cycle, batching plant management and truck mixer scheduling, especially manual operation has a great relationship with the production cycle and the operational proficiency.


Second, the actual capacity of the hzs concrete batching plant
We can’t simply calculate the theoretical productivity as actual productivity. The theoretical capacity of HZS60 concrete batching plant is 60m3/h. In fact, it is difficult to ensure that the output is 1 cubic meter, the middle agitation loss can only be obtained by actual production. There is also the management of the batching plant and the scheduling of the mixer truck, which will definitely make the production cycle more than 60s, so the actual productivity may only 50m3/h.

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