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What are the problems you should pay attention to when selecting the type of a concrete pump

April 7, 2017

What are the problems you should pay attention to when selecting the type of a concrete pump? Here are the answers:concrete pump cost

1.The requirements of the casting: Concrete pump truck selection should be based on concrete engineering objects, the characteristics and requirements of maximum throughput, maximum transmission distance, concrete construction plan, concrete pump form and specific conditions.Because the concrete pump cost depends on the type of it.
2.The types and structures of buildings:Properties vary with models of concrete pump truck, when choosing the model,not only the amount of concrete casting,but also the type of building and structure, the construction technology requirements and site conditions and the surrounding environment should be taken into consideration.Usually the main performance parameters of the concrete pump truck should be consistent with the construction need or slightly larger, if the capacity is too large, the utilization rate is low;if it is too small, it can’t meet the construction requirements and accelerate the loss of concrete pump truck at the same time.
3. The adaptation of construction:Because the concrete pump truck is flexible, and the higher the boom height is, the height of pouring and the radius of fabric is bigger, construction is more flexible, so it is better to choose high boom in construction of concrete pump truck. Boom length between28 ~ 36 m is enormous quantity wide products on the market, accounting for about 75%.
4.The construction volume:The number of the concrete pump truck is calculate according to amount of concrete casting,the actual throughput and working time.
5.Product configuration: The product performance of concrete pump truck should adhere to a high starting point in the selection. If you choose high value on the concrete pump truck, the standard for the product requirements must also be improved, the quality of the main part of products from the inner quality to the appearance quality should be adapted to the vehicle’s high value.
6.Power system:Concrete pump truck adopts full hydraulic pressure technology, so you should consider if the hydraulic technology is advanced, and hydraulic components are with high quality,because of its power comes from the engine, so expect the engine performance and quality, the performance of the automobile chassis, bearing capacity and quality should be taken into consideration.
7.The operating system:Concrete pump truck is equipped with operation control system like manual , wired and wireless control mode, wired mode is convenient and flexible, wireless mode can remote operation, once the circuit is failed, you can turn to manual operation mode.
8.After-sales service:Concrete pump truck as a special vehicle, because of its special features, safety, mechanical properties, the after-sales service and spare parts supply of manufacturer shall be requested. Otherwise once an accident occurs,it may not only influence the construction progress, but also result in unimaginable consequences.

Only with these aspects,you can select a product with proper concrete pump cost.

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