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Do you really know the concrete pump parts

April 7, 2017

A concrete pump is indispensable in nowadays city and road construction. Different kinds of types comes to different capacity ,function and applied range.There are many parts in a concrete pump, maybe you have learned something about it, but do you really know the concrete pump parts well?concrete pump parts

There are many parts of a concrete pump. Here is a example of Haomei concrete pump. The power and hydraulic system part: we adopt the world famous brand ” Yantai motors and Beide motors of Siements”. We adopt original VOLOV diesel engines as the power of pumps.The main oil pumps apply German HAWE, Rexroth series and Japanese Rawasaki series. The hydraulic valves apply the world famous brands. The hydraulic concrete pumps apply specially-made hydraulic values with a large flow and less energy loss. This ensures the reliability of the system and save energy at the same time. The hydraulic rubber hose joints are products of American Eaton, ensuring the safety and no leakage of hydraulic system. The radiator is air-cooled type,enabling the machine to work under the high temperature. The seal components in big oil cylinder adopt the products of American Parker. The electric part: Main electric elements are from Schneider and LG company,the reliability of electric control systems is improved highly. The mechanical parts: The hopper is newly designed and welded with wear resistant 16 Mn steel,the concrete in the hopper has a absorbency performance. The lubrication system: Centralized lubrication system adopts progressive distributor which supplies every lubrication point with oil in turn,and the oiling time can be set. So the oiling is accurate and the oil consumption can be saved.

Only with advanced technology, the concrete pump can attract more and more clients all over the world. Haomei concrete pump parts can show excellent performance and long using period, which is the most important features the buyers want,so Haomei concrete pump are wide spread.

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