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Dry Mix Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturer

October 12, 2023

To be a professional dry mix concrete batching plant manufacturer, Haomei Machinery have taken 30 years of hard work. Haomei Machinery offer high quality dry mix concrete batch plant 25-120m3/h. The price of dry batch concrete mixing plants is relatively low, mainly due to their simpler and more enclosed production process compared to wet mix concrete batching plants. The production process of dry mix concrete is relatively simple, only requiring the dry mixing of all raw materials together, followed by the addition of water for mixing. This simple production process results in a relatively simple structure and fewer equipment for dry mix concrete batching plants, thus reducing costs. The control system of dry mix concrete plants is relatively simple, with lower automation level, so it requires relatively less skills from operators, thereby reducing labor costs.

dry mix concrete batching plant manufacturer

The main difference between dry mix concrete batching plants and wet mix concrete batching plants lies in their working principle and production methods. The working principle of dry mix concrete batching plant is to dry mix the raw materials and then add water for mixing. It usually uses pneumatic conveying to mix the aggregate, which reduces the dispersion of materials. On construction sites, dry mix concrete batch plants can serve as supplementary equipment for small and medium-sized concrete batching plants, as they have the advantages of being able to flexibly adjust the thickness of sprayed layers and ease of operation.

The working principle of wet mix concrete batching plants is to wet mix the materials, adding water or other liquids during the mixing process. Wet batch concrete mixing plants can produce different types of concrete, including various strength grades, to meet different engineering requirements. At the same time, wet mix concrete batch plants can also produce concrete with different proportions to meet different construction needs.

So, summarized by dry mix concrete batching plant manufacturer, dry mix concrete batch plants and wet mix concrete batch plants each have their own characteristics. The specific choice of which kind of concrete batch plant to use needs to be comprehensively considered based on project requirements and actual conditions.

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