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Hydraulic brick making machine

August 7, 2020

The reason why the hydraulic brick making machine is very popular in the market depends entirely on its environmental protection function. Not only that, the hydraulic brick machine is easy to operate and has a very wide range of applications. Therefore, the hydraulic brick maker machine can occupy a place in the building materials market. When the hydraulic brick machine is in operation, there will always be problems of one kind or another, and accidents will occur if it is not handled properly. Today, Haomei Machinery will introduce to you the precautions for safe operation of economical hydraulic brick making machines.

hydraulic brick making machine

The hydraulic brick making machine vibrates violently in operation, and it is prone to accidents such as the flywheel friction belt falling off, the screw loosening, and the hammer head falling abnormally, causing safety accidents. In order to ensure safety, the following three points should be paid attention to when using the brick making machine correctly:

(1) Pay attention to maintenance. The workload and working hours of the hydraulic brick machine equipment are the same as other machines, which depend on the maintenance of the normal work of the main components. We have to wait regularly to check the machinery of the brick making machine. For new hydraulic brick machine, you should pay attention to checking the density. There may be many minor problems when you first use it, so you must not be careless. After a period of use, the number of inspections can be appropriately reduced, but regular inspections are required. For brick machines with high work intensity, regular inspections should be made.

(2.) In order to ensure the normal use of the machinery and not delay the construction period. Remind the enterprise to often stock up easily worn spare parts when using the warehouse. Frequently damaged parts are usually places with a lot of work. The operator must be carefully observed during use, and abnormalities must be discovered in time to ensure safe operation.

(3) Before using the hydraulic brick making machine, it must be carefully checked before it can be used. Non-professionals are forbidden to operate the equipment and pay attention to the operation sequence, and cannot change the operation process.

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