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Advantages of automated concrete plant

August 4, 2020

The control system of automated concrete plant is a set of intelligent concrete production control and management system developed for concrete production enterprises. This control system adopts modular design and has the characteristics of advanced technology, reliable performance, simple operation and powerful functions. The automated control system combines modern control technology with concrete production management practices and is a complete set of concrete enterprise production control products. The mature software frame structure and reasonable process design make the control system series products suitable for different types of concrete batching plants.

automated concrete plant

The control software of automated concrete plant adopts graphical monitoring interface, dynamic display of production process, quick and convenient information entry, and production operation can be completed through the production control interface. Bring you an extraordinary application experience. The performance advantages of the concrete batching plant with automatic control system are:
1, Modular design, strong function, convenient maintenance;
2, Unit integrated functions, clear division of tasks and smooth control;
3, The main control and data statistics are completed by industrial control machines, and the data statistics are accurate and reliable.
4, The secondary instrument is universal and has strong interchangeability;
5, The intelligent instrument display uses high-brightness large data display, and the displayed value is completely corresponding to the computer display value without distortion;
6, Complete dynamic simulation screen display, visually display the current system operating status;
7, Use more electrical standard parts to improve the reliability of the automated concrete plant;
8, One secondary instrument controls one pole scale, with high measurement accuracy;
9, The secondary instrument has its own calibration function, which is simple to calibrate and has small errors;
10, Action stroke detection and reliable action interlocking and self-locking function to ensure the safe operation of the entire system;
11, It can realize automatic, semi-automatic and manual operation to ensure that the system can produce normally under any circumstances.

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