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Stationary concrete pump for sale

July 28, 2020

Haomei HBT series stationary concrete pump for sale have high technical degree and reliable hydraulic system, the output is about 60-80m3/h. In the operation of stationary concrete pump, it should be ensured that the conveying pipeline must be firmly supported, the connections of the joints must be firm, and no pressure or heavy objects can be hung on the pipeline, otherwise the conveying pipeline may be damaged. Before use the concrete pump machine, check the working status of the electrical equipment, whether the instrument is working normally, whether the hopper filter and the safety protection device are normal. During the transportation of the concrete pump for sale, pay attention to check whether the pressure gauge is normal.

stationary concrete pump for sale

The trailer concrete pump is called as stationary concrete pump, and it is also the cheapest of the concrete pump type. There are motor pumps and diesel pumps in stationary concrete pump trailer. The difference is that the power source of the hydraulic system is provided by the motor or the diesel engine. The operating noise of the motor pump is relatively small, but the motor pump needs to be installed with power lines, which is more troublesome. If there is no suitable power supply, or the installation circuit is too long, it is not recommended to choose a motor pump. Diesel engine stationary concrete pump are relatively flexible when working. If there is no sufficient power supply, of course, it is safer to choose diesel engine concrete pumps.


What kind of project you buy equipment for determines which concrete pump equipment is more suitable for you. For example, to repair tunnels and mines, motor-driven stationary concrete pump for sale are the most suitable. The horizontal pumping distance of the trailer concrete pump is long, and the ambient sound when the motor pump is working is relatively small, when working in a narrow tunnel, it is also more friendly to the construction workers. If you are engaged in real estate development, the construction site is fixed, of course, the trailer concrete pump is the first choice, after all, its purchase and use cost is the lowest. Moreover, the stationary concrete pump has a relatively strong ability to adapt to harsh working conditions, and the pumping height is also guaranteed. At the same time, the adaptability to the pumpability of concrete is also stronger.

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