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Large Concrete Mixer

March 22, 2022

Large concrete mixer are mainly used in large and medium-sized concrete batching plants, with high degree of automation, stable production quality and convenient unloading. The concrete batching plant with large concrete mixing machine as the console is suitable for large-scale infrastructure construction projects such as water conservancy, airports, and ports, as well as places with high demand for concrete. Or the large scale concrete mixer can be used for ready mix concrete manufacturing for the high mixing efficiency and good mixing quality.

large concrete mixer

The models of large concrete mixer in JS series forced horizontal twin shaft concrete mixers are JS1500 concrete mixer, JS2000 concrete mixer, JS3000 concrete mixer and JS4000 concrete mixer. Let us take a look at these models:

1, JS1500 concrete mixer. Each cycle produces 1.5 cubic meters of concrete, which is generally used in HZS90 concrete batching plant. It belongs to large and medium-sized concrete mixer equipment, and is often used with PLD1600 concrete batching machine.

2, JS2000 concrete mixer. Also known as 2 cubic meter concrete mixer, it is a large-scale concrete mixing machine used in HZS120 concrete batching plant. Produces 2 cubic meters of concrete per cycle with extremely high production efficiency.

3, JS3000 concrete mixer. Each cycle produces 3 cubic meters of concrete. Generally used in HZS180 concrete batching plants.

4, JS4000 concrete mixer. Each cycle produces 4 cubic meters of concrete. Generally used in HZS240 concrete mixing station. It is a large concrete mixer equipment.


This series of large concrete mixer equipment has the dual advantages of being able to stand alone and form a simple concrete batching plant with the PLD series concrete batching machine. It can also provide a matching host for the concrete batching plant. The large scale concrete mixers have high productivity, so they are common seen in bridges, water conservancy, docks and other industrial and civil construction projects.

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