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Industrial Machinery Concrete Batching Plant

March 14, 2022

Industrial machinery concrete batching plant equipment is a large-scale automatic production equipment for concrete. Standard operation specifications and reasonable maintenance are the keys to the normal operation and stable use of the equipment. The equipment must be well operated. This is what the owners of each concrete batching plant need to pay attention to. Therefore, It is necessary for the owners of the concrete batching plant to have a certain understanding of the matters needing attention in the operation and the possible unexpected problems, and to solve the problems in a timely manner.

industrial machinery concrete batching plant

Today, here, I will collect and sort it out for you: some common problems and solutions for industrial machinery concrete batching plant equipment, for the reference of all concrete batching station owners or operators.

1, Check all operating parts in time before starting production, and debug electrical devices and control units.

After starting the machine, wait for the motor to run normally, then push on the total collector, and run the machine empty for 2-3 minutes. For example, the mixing drum of the concrete mixer rotates stably, without jumping, deviation, or abnormal influence. The production can only be carried out after the opening and closing of the discharge door is normal.

2, The staff of the concrete batching plant need to wear masks and work clothes with sleeves on duty.

3, Maintenance of equipment are strictly prohibited during operation, and avoid using things to reach into the mixing drum to pick up the mortar or discharge.

4, When the concrete mixer is in full-load operation and there is a sudden power failure or problems, the switch should be pulled down immediately, and the concrete in the mixing drum should be cleaned by manpower. It is not allowed to drive the mixer with load to prevent the motor from being damaged due to excessive current during startup.

5, The operator of the electric mixer of the concrete batching plant machinery must stand on the operating table with wooden boards to operate.

6, If the power of the concrete mixer is more than 5 kilowatts, a starter must be installed. When starting, if there is an arc, fire or sudden voltage drop, etc., it should be stopped in time, the power supply should be turned off, and the production should be stopped to check the problem and repair it in time.

7, When the feeding hopper of the hopper-lifting concrete mixing plant is lifted into the air, it is strictly forbidden to work or stand and walk under the hopper. When the foundation pit of the hopper needs to be cleaned or checked under the hopper, it is necessary to communicate with the operator – be sure to shut down And lock the hopper before proceeding.

8, Straw bags should be laid at the bottom of the foundation pit as a pillow for the hopper. When the hopper falls to the ground, it should stop for a while, and then put it to the bottom, so as not to damage the hopper due to the fast falling speed.

9, When the feeding hopper is raised, the water valve should be opened and the personal water should be inserted. Do not wait for the material to enter the barrel before releasing the water.

10, Carry out industrial machinery concrete batching plant cleaning and maintenance work in time. After each shift, the mixer must be cleaned, and the operation parts such as the reducer must be maintained.

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