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Professional rmc plant manufacturer

October 15, 2020

Haomei Machinery is a specialized rmc plant manufacturer in China with rich experience on concrete mixing and pumping equipment processing. The ready mix concrete plant is a high-performance concrete mixing equipment developed by Haomei according to the needs of the market. The mixing capacity of 25-240m3/h can meet the generous demand of users. The ready mix concrete batching plant equipment is high-end and intelligent, simple and convenient to operate, high in production efficiency, and has a complete quality inspection system.

rmc plant manufacturer

For a set of ready mix concrete plant, the mixing efficiency and quality are the key points, therefore, the rmc plant manufacturer try their best to improve the performance of the equipment. To improve the quality of concrete is something that the stationmaster of every ready mix concrete plant wants to do. Quality is very important to manufacturers. In fact, it is not very difficult to improve the quality of concrete, as long as you adhere to certain principles.


As the rmc plant manufacturer suggest, the concrete mixing plant must ensure the quality of the concrete raw materials. Each raw material needs to be strictly inspected and must be used only after the quality is qualified. The cement must be stored in cement tanks in batches to achieve the same type of cement with the same label. Carry out sampling and inspection, and deal with it immediately after finding quality problems. The sand and gravel should also be checked, especially the quality of coarse aggregates, sand and gravel must not be mixed with harmful substances that affect the performance of concrete during the collection, transportation and storage process, pulverized coal Ash is also called sampling and inspection, and it can be used only after it is qualified. When selecting admixtures, it should be selected according to concrete performance requirements and other environmental and construction requirements; water is also very important, if not checked, tap water must be used.

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