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Precautions for the use of ready mix concrete mixer

October 20, 2020

The operate of the Haomei Machinery ready mix concrete mixer is easy because the current concrete mixer has a high degree of automation. Which greatly reduces the customer’s operational burden, but the customer cannot only use the equipment, but also has to do the following aspects.

ready mix concrete mixer

1, First of all, during normal maintenance, the most important thing we need to pay attention to is the gap between the mixing blade and the liner in ready mix concrete mixer. 1~5mm is an ideal range, and the best range is 3mm. If it exceeds the normal range, we can adjust the blade Up and down position to restore.


2, When we choose the location for the concrete mixer, we must be level. Any kind of slope will affect the position of the material in the mixing drum. Whether it is a free-fall mixer or a forced type, it will have a great impact on the mixing quality. If it is uneven, the low-lying part needs to be leveled.


3, Before going to work, check the secondary leakage protection. You must go through an empty car test to check whether it is qualified. Under normal circumstances, the empty car speed can be 2 to 3 revolutions faster than the load block. Otherwise, the driving wheel and the driving wheel need to be adjusted. The direction of rotation must be consistent with the direction of the arrow of the drum mixer.


4, Before use, check the wear and tear of the wire rope, the degree of tension, the transmission clutch, whether the brake is reliable and flexible, and the slide rail is free of obstacles. Finally, check the lubrication.


5, After starting up, always pay attention to the operation of the concrete mixer. Strictly investigate the cause of the abnormal sound, check the mixing blade, and check the fixing bolts and other parts.


6, If the ready mix concrete mixer stops for more than 1 hour, it is necessary to unload the material, open the water supply system, and clean the concrete mixing drum with stones, etc., and finally drain everything in the concrete mixing drum to prevent the cement from solidifying in the mixing drum.


7, Cut off the power after get off work to ensure safety.

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