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The price of stationary concrete mixer

October 23, 2020

The price of stationary concrete mixer JS500-JS4000 are uneven of different concrete mixer manufacturers on the construction machinery market. When users choose concrete mixers, it is recommended to learn more about several manufacturers and choose equipment from manufacturers with high cost performance. It is recommended to select two or three strong manufacturers to inspect the product quality and the strength of the manufacturers, whether the mixer production design is exquisite, whether the production line equipment is complete and standardized, etc.

stationary concrete mixer

JS500 concrete mixer has 800L and 500L feeding and discharging capacities, each output 0.5 cubic meters of concrete, automatic feeding and discharging methods, safe, time-saving and labor-saving unloading. The standard control method of JS500 double shaft concrete mixer adopts fully automatic control method, which has the advantages of uniform mixing, modular structure, stable performance, accurate measurement and high production efficiency. The quality of the stationary concrete mixer is the main factor determining its price. The better the quality of the concrete mixer, the higher the price. Haomei Machinery reminds customers who purchase concrete mixers not only to consider the price advantage of low-cost equipment, but also to pay more attention to the quality of the equipment, so as not to buy inferior mixer equipment.


The market price of stationary concrete mixer is transparent. Some manufacturers may have lower prices, but if they are lower than the market price, customers must pay attention. The JS concrete mixer produced by large manufacturers is more expensive than some small concrete mixer manufacturers because of its advanced production technology, good equipment quality and perfect after-sales service.

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