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Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plant Price 2023

June 12, 2023

Today we will tell you about the ready mix concrete batching plant price in 2023, more information please read in details. How much will it cost to open a ready mix concrete plant in 2023? How much is the annual profit?


Let me talk about the investment first, taking the ready mix concrete batching plant with an annual output of 500,000 cubic meters as an example. The average daily concrete supply is 1,600 cubic meters, which requires 2 production lines of HZS120 concrete batching plant, plus supporting facilities such as cement silos. The cost of one ready mix concrete batching plant production line is about 150,000 dollars, and the cost of two production lines is between 0.3 million and 0.5 million.


The second is a concrete pump truck. It costs 0.5 million dollars to buy a 60-meter concrete pump truck, and about 1.5 million dollars to buy two trailer concrete pumps and two concrete pump trucks.

ready mix concrete batching plant price

The third is concrete mixer trucks. Concrete mixer trucks can be bought, leased or outsourced. A daily supply of 1,600 cubic meters of concrete requires 30-35 concrete mixer trucks to transport. If it is wholly-owned, the investment alone will probably break millions of dollars, around 2 million dollars.


The fourth item is labor cost, including production, management and transportation. The annual expenditure is about 1 million dollars. There are also auxiliary equipment (facilities), one platform scale, one aggregate forklift, one sand and gravel separator, and three sewage purification tanks. In addition, the rent of the land and the construction of the factory area are another expense.


In other words, a ready mix concrete batching plant price is about 4 million dollars, and if it is half-funded, it will cost about 2 million dollars. If it is purely responsible for production, then 1 million dollars is almost enough.


Next, let’s talk about profits. In the past two years, with the rapid rise in the price of sand and gravel, these sand and gravel materials, and chemical materials such as admixtures, concrete has also risen from the original 50 dollars to 80 dollars, and the gross profit rate is 30%, the interest rate is around 10%, and a party of concrete can probably earn around 6 dollars. With an annual output of 500,000 cubic meters, the total annual income is 3 million dollars, so the concrete mixing plant industry is a typical high-input, high-return business.

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