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Concrete Mixer For Sale In Ghana

June 19, 2023

Haomei Machinery is a manufacturer of concrete mixer for sale in ghana with over 30 years experience on construction equipment develop and production. Haomei Machinery supply single shaft and twin shaft concrete mixer horizontal type, and planetary concrete mixer vertical type, the volume is from 350 L to 4000L, that is 0.35m3 to 4.0 m3 mixing capacity.

concrete mixer for sale in ghana

The concrete mixer for sale in ghana produced by Haomei Machinery is composed of the frame, mixing device, transmission system, limit device and electrical control system. The frame is the supporting part of the entire concrete mixer equipment, made of channel steel welded together. The mixing device consists of the mixing drum, mixing shaft, and mixing blades. The mixing blades are fixed on the mixing arms and form two sets of helical belt-like mixing blades with the mixing shaft, with opposite spiral directions, but with the same lead and helix angle. The gap between the mixing blades and the arms inside the mixing drum can be adjusted. The transmission mechanism consists of a speed reducer and a coupling. The barrel limit device consists of locking pins and positioning holes. The electrical control system has functions such as start, jog, stop and timing.


The working principle of concrete mixer for sale in ghana is that the deceleration motor rotates the mixing shaft in one direction through the coupling, and the positive and negative sets of blades on the mixing shaft mix the materials. Due to the helix angle, the blades push the material from one side to the other side and then back to the original position, creating a cyclic action that allows the material to be fully mixed and achieve the desired mixing effect. During discharge, the concrete mixer machine must be stopped, the lock must be secured, the barrel must be rotated to a certain angle, then limited, and the jog button must be pressed to discharge the mixture.

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