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SICOMA Mixer Price

June 25, 2023

SICOMA mixer price is a little high because it has advanced structure, high efficiency, excellent mixing quality, and reliable safety. SICOMA concrete mixers are mainly used for mainframe of medium and large commodity concrete mixing stations, effectively meeting the needs of real estate, highways, bridges airports, water conservancy, municipal engineering, and other constructions.

sicoma mixer price

The first factor that affects the sicoma mixer price is the type of concrete mixer. Although different forms of concrete mixers have the same discharge capacity, such as SICOMA 2000 concrete mixer, SICOMA 3000 mixer is cheaper than SICOMA 3000 concrete mixer. So customers should not think that the price is the same just because the discharge capacity is the same. The production design difficulty can vary greatly. The main engine equipped by different manufacturers is different. Currently, the most advanced one in China is sicoma mixers, the product quality is excellent, but the price is relatively high.


The raw materials of SICOMA mixer is steel, and the price of steel fluctuates rapidly with the market. So when the price of steel rises universally, the sicoma mixer price will be high. On the contrary, the price of mixers will decrease. If customers want to buy cheaper cement mixers, they can take advantage of the lower steel prices to make their purchase. However, these price adjustments through market control are uncontrollable and customers should pay attention.


We have been using SICOMA mixer for many years, and the quality is relatively stable and reliable. Most of the large concrete mixing plants use SICOMA mixer as the main engine. The after-sales service is quite fast, basically responding promptly to calls, and the quality of accessories is good, although the price is a bit expensive.

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