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5 Ways to Improve Concrete Ready Mix Plant Efficiency

June 30, 2023

The concrete ready mix plant is large ready mix concrete producing station, so high efficiency and long service life are required. As a professional ready mix concrete plant manufacturer in China, HAOMEI Machinery have summarize 5 ways to improve the production efficiency of ready mix concrete plant.

concrete ready mix plant

  1. According to the production capacity of concrete ready mix plant and the distance, routes, and road conditions for transportation of finished products, a sufficient number of concrete transit mixers should be equipped, generally 1.2 times the required number according to productivity of ready mix concrete plants.


  1. In addition to the mixing time and utilization coefficient, which directly affect the productivity of ready mix concrete mixing equipment, there are many other factors such as production organization, equipment management and operation quality. The technical condition of ready mix concrete plant equipment operation, preparation of raw materials, and transport vehicles also play a significant role in ensuring and improving productivity.


  1. It is necessary to strengthen the maintenance management of ready mix concrete plant for sale, ensure that the equipment is in good technical condition, and comply with the requirements of national environmental protection regulations. Establish strict maintenance inspection systems and preventive measures to ensure timely repairs.


  1. In order to avoid work stoppages of ready mix concrete plant equipment due to special reasons, there should be sufficient capacity for finished product storage.


  1. Sampling and inspection of raw materials in concrete ready mix plantshould be conducted, and different specifications of aggregates (including powder materials) should be stored separately and protected from dust and rain. The storage capacity of aggregates should be more than 5 times the daily usage, and the storage capacity of powder materials and asphalt should be more than twice the daily usage.

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