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July 3, 2023

From the establishment of a ready mix concrete plant to the normal operation of equipment in the later stage, it requires a significant amount of manpower and resources. Therefore, at the beginning of the project, it is hoped to reduce costs. However, in terms of mechanical equipment itself, in order to reduce costs, ready mix plant suppliers suggest energy consumption needs to be reduced. Haomei Machinery suggests the following energy-saving measures:

ready mix plant suppliers

ready mix plant suppliers

  1. Reduce the friction resistance of various components of theready mix concrete plantequipment

To reduce the friction resistance of components, maintenance needs to be carried out on the machinery, regular inspections should be conducted, and repairs and lubrication should be performed as needed to reduce resistance and improve the efficiency of machinery.


  1. Reduce the ineffective load of the machinery

The load of the machinery can be addressed in terms of feeding, mixing, or discharging processes. For example, when the feeding is completed, the feeding hopper should be promptly lowered to reduce the energy consumption of vibrations. After the mixing is completed, the materials should be promptly discharged, and the mixing drum should be cleaned in a timely manner to prevent excessive residue inside, which could affect production efficiency and increase energy consumption.


  1. Reduce idle time of the machinery

Except for the normal startup or maintenance idle time of the  concrete ready mix plant equipment, the idle time of the machinery during the construction process should be shortened. For example, if the supply of materials for an electric concrete mixer is not timely due to transportation or other reasons, and the waiting time exceeds one minute, the equipment operation should be temporarily paused to save electricity. As for an internal combustion concrete mixer, the throttle should be adjusted in a timely manner, and if the idle time is too long, the machine should also be stopped and waited to reduce fuel consumption.


  1. Other energy-saving measures

Inspect the economical use measures for electric or internal combustion machinery. Regardless of the situation, doing a good job in energy conservation and emission reduction can not only reduce costs but also improve production efficiency. Therefore, when using a concrete ready mix plant, attention should be paid to energy conservation. If mechanical equipment has malfunctions or operates under overload conditions, it needs to be dealt with as soon as possible or auxiliary equipment should be added for production.


Haomei ready mix plant suppliers mainly produces concrete mixers, ready mix concrete plant, stabilized soil mixing stations, and other construction machinery equipment. If you need to purchase or consult equipment-related questions, please contact us, and we will provide you with timely one-on-one service to help you solve problems.

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