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Ready Mix Concrete Plant Capacity

April 15, 2024

The ready mix concrete plant capacity is about 25-240m3/h, it mainly affected by a variety of factors, such as equipment type, production efficiency, raw material supply, logistics situation and sales market. The following is some specific analysis of the capacity of ready mix concrete plant:

First of all, the equipment model is a direct factor affecting the ready mix concrete plant capacity. Different concrete mixing plant equipment has different production efficiency. Take the common HZS series ready mix concrete plant as an example, such as HZS120, HZS180, HZS240, etc., its theoretical productivity can reach 120 cubic meters/hour, 180 cubic meters/hour, 240 cubic meters/hour and so on respectively. However, the actual ready mix concrete plant capacity is usually affected by the wear and tear of equipment, operation level, raw material quality and other factors in the production process, and often can only reach 60% to 80% of the theoretical capacity.

ready mix concrete plant capacity

Secondly, the supply of raw materials has an important impact on the ready mix concrete plant capacity. Sand and gravel and other raw materials need to be stored in the ready mix concrete plant shed, and its storage capacity should meet the requirements of the average daily consumption of the mixing unit to ensure continuous production. If the supply of raw materials is insufficient or difficult to transport, it will affect the normal production of the ready mix concrete batching plant.

In addition, the logistics situation is also an important factor affecting the capacity of the ready mix concrete plant. The raw materials and products of concrete mixing plant are all transported by automobile, and the material flow is very large. If the logistics is not smooth, such as gravel trucks and concrete trucks waiting in line to enter and exit the station, it will affect the operation efficiency of the ready mix concrete plant, thus reducing the output.

Finally, the size of the sales market also has an impact on the ready mix concrete plant capacity. Commercial concrete is a non-storage products, the market needs to produce. Therefore, only enterprises that actively develop sales markets and improve after-sales service can maintain high concrete output.

Combining the above factors, the ready mix concrete plant capacity will fluctuate according to the actual situation. However, based on industry experience and equipment performance, the annual production capacity range of different models of ready mix concrete plants can be roughly estimated, for example, the annual production capacity of HZS60 ready mix concrete plant is about 150,000 cubic meters, the annual production capacity of HZS90 ready mix concrete plant is about 200,000 cubic meters, and so on. Please note, however, that these values are only reference ranges and the actual production capacity needs to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

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