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Differences Between Fully and Semi Automatic Batching Plant

April 22, 2024

The semi automatic batching plant is a more cost effective concrete batching plant equipment among so many types. It adopt a semi automatic control system to save labour cost and ensure working efficiency. Another welcomed type is fully automatic batching plant, what are the similarity and differences between fully and semi automatic batching plant?

The main difference between semi automatic control concrete batching plant and full automatic control concrete batching plant is reflected in the control system and working mode.

In terms of control system, fully automatic control concrete batching plant adopts fully automatic control system, while semi-automatic control concrete batching plant mainly adopts centralized control system. The full automatic control system has a higher degree of automation and intelligence, which can realize the functions of one key start, automatic batching, automatic feeding, automatic unloading and automatic stopping, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the possibilities of manual intervention and human error. The semi automatic control system, on the other hand, requires manual involvement in more steps, such as manually operating buttons or switches during feeding, weighing and unloading.

In terms of working mode, fully automatic concrete batching plant can automatically complete the whole production process only through simple operation, the material will be automatically unloaded from the cement silo to the screw conveyor, and then the screw conveyor will be sent to the weighing hopper, and then automatically unloaded to the concrete mixer, the whole process does not require human intervention, which is very suitable for concrete mixing plants with not many staff. On the other hand, semi-automatic concrete batching plant needs staff to follow the operation steps one by one, such as clicking the feeding button, unloading button, etc., so it needs more people to participate.

In addition, fully automatic control concrete batching plant is usually equipped with advanced computer control system and sensor technology, which can realize the functions of automatic calculation and correction of accurate moisture content, alarm of over difference, and three speeds of fast, medium and slow batching, etc., which can further improve the quality of concrete and production efficiency. While semi automatic control concrete batching plant may have some limitations in these aspects.

In general, the fully automatic batching plant has obvious advantages over the semi automatic batching plant in terms of automation, working efficiency and production quality, but the price is also relatively higher. When choosing, you need to make comprehensive consideration according to the actual demand and budget.

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