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Boom Concrete Pump Truck

September 27, 2022

The boom concrete pump truck is durable and simple in structure design, which can effectively reduce the maintenance caused by the wear of parts. The equipped hose and hard pipe have excellent chemical resistance and wear resistance, and the service life is longer, which can help you reduce the total cost of ownership! The concrete boom pump truck adopts a flexible RZ-type boom design, which has a wide range of materials, good power performance and low fuel consumption. The boom pump truck adopts imported high-strength alloy plates, non-destructive inspection of welds, and reliable structure.

boom concrete pump truck

Boom concrete pump truck made by Haomei Machinery adopt German elephant closed hydraulic system and German Rexroth A4VG125 main oil pump, which has fast pumping speed, high working efficiency, reliable and stable pumping, almost no impact on reversing, small amplitude, and excellent stability of the boom. The boom of the concrete boom pump truck adopts the M-type structure design. The material is 960 high-strength steel plate, which has high strength and good flexibility. The M-type boom is flexible, and can easily be used in various difficult construction sites ( Narrow, closed workshop, high-voltage lines and similar obstacles) to complete the work flexibly and freely.


All designs of boom concrete pump trucks are designed for the convenience of customer projects.

(1) The concrete boom pump truck adopts X outriggers with small footprint and unique unilateral support design. The outriggers can not be opened on the side that is not clothed, and the work can be easily completed in a narrow construction environment.

(2) The outrigger hydraulic cylinder is built-in and can play a protective role.

(3) The hydraulic oil tank is built into the body frame, which can play a role in heat dissipation. The transfer case is made of aluminum products, which also plays a good role in heat dissipation. The hydraulic oil in the car has a water-cooled and air-cooled dual heat dissipation system. It is for the customer to be able to use the pump truck for the construction work for a long time.

(4) The body of the concrete boom pump truck has a shift top design, which is convenient for the pump truck to move in a narrow environment.

(5) The design is equipped with a high-pressure water gun, which is a high-pressure water gun driven by a hydraulic motor, which is stronger than the pressure driven by the pneumatic equipment, which is convenient for cleaning the concrete on the boom pump truck after construction.

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