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Sicoma Concrete Batch Mix Plant

October 10, 2022

Sicoma concrete batch mix plant is regard as the most efficient concrete batching and mixing equipment on the construction machinery market. Concrete mixing plant is generally customized according to the user’s needs super-large construction machinery, generally designed for a service life of 10 years, the use of repair and maintenance spare parts involving a large number of after-sales service, is a product that can not leave the service, therefore, the concrete batching plant manufacturer should have sufficient brand to ensure product design capabilities, as well as stable and reliable product quality, advanced technology, energy saving, environmental protection, good operability and easy to manage, the  concrete batching plant company have the ability to provide technical training technical support as well as long-term service.

sicoma concrete batch mix plant

The sicoma concrete batch mix plant have professional configuration, the mixing machine is equipped with SICOM mixer, which is seen as a twin shaft concrete mixer with best mixing effect and quality. The mixing device adopts strong dual-flow heavy-duty design, with faster axial flow and stronger radial shear, which can meet the production requirements of machine-blasted mortar and concrete production requirements. The batching system of sicoma concrete batching plant completely solve the phenomenon of material blockage, adapt to the machine mechanism sand, surface sand production needs. Control system for mortar and concrete: automatic formula identification, formula and parameter alarm, authority management, automatic parameter memory, report classification management, sand and gravel intelligent cleaning, production switching prompt and other functions.


The sicoma concrete batch mix plant is high efficiency and energy saving. Aggregate waiting bin and powder bin are reasonably positioned to improve mixing efficiency. Automatic queuing of production tasks, intelligent production, 10% increase in production efficiency. Host unloading adaptive control, environmental protection and speed integration, zero overflow, 25% increase in unloading speed. Intelligent production process control, give full play to the efficiency of the equipment, operating energy consumption reduced by 10%. Intelligent washing machine, no need to stop production, prevent holding shaft, and greatly reduce the workload of host cleaning and maintenance. Fault intelligent diagnosis system, diagnostic information this time to display, customer maintenance reminders. System remote upgrade, enjoy the latest features.

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