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SICOMA Mao Concrete Mixer For Sale

October 13, 2022

Sicoma mao concrete mixer for sale is known for high reliability, high efficiency, environmental protection and trouble-free. The high reliability, high efficiency and low maintenance cost of SICOMA concrete mixer not only guarantees our high intensity production needs, but also helps win good market reputation.

sicoma mao concrete mixer for sale

The performance, working efficiency and wear resistance of wearing parts of MAO series sicoma mao concrete mixer for sale are higher than those of other brands. It is reasonable to replace the scraper, lining plate and other wear parts of concrete mixers after the production of 200,000 m3 of concrete, but the SICOMA MAO concrete mixer have not only not been replaced, but still maintain a good state and performance.


SICOMA MAO 2000/3000/4000/5000 sicoma concrete mixer for sale product introduction:

1, Equipped with multiple shaft end sealing protection devices and wind pressure sealing protection devices to effectively prevent the occurrence of slurry leakage;

2, The unique mixer monitoring system can monitor the working status of the reduction box, discharge pump and electric lubricating oil pump at any time;

3, Equipped with a special centralized lubricating oil pump for DC24V concrete mixer, the running time can be programmed independently, waterproof, dustproof and excellent performance;

4, Multi-pipe multi-channel water spray system, water can be sprayed evenly;

5, The design of the whole machine is rebuilt, and the operation is stable;

6, Equipped with an enhanced reduction gearbox, with strong load capacity, military materials, and high-precision processing, the service life is longer;

7, Optional gear box filter cooling system, oil-free water-cooled shaft end sealing system, camera system, high pressure cleaning system, weighing protection system, microwave moisture measurement system.

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