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Concrete Batching Plant Machine

November 22, 2022

In the application process of concrete batching plant machine, wear and tear is unavoidable, and wear and tear will harm the production efficiency of facilities. Therefore, the key point in the manufacturing process is to reduce the wear and tear of concrete mixers as much as possible. How to reduce the wear and tear of the concrete batching plants machine and improve the production efficiency?


The first is the lubrication of the concrete mixer. There are many places that must be lubricated. The method and amount of lubricant are different. Sometimes new lubricants must be replaced, and fake lubricants must be supplied on time and in quantity. Customers must master this kind of lubricant technology to ensure lubrication of concrete batching plant machine.

concrete batching plant machine

The places where the concrete mixer is easy to wear are the vibrating screen, the mixing blade, the surface, and the mixing drum. How to reduce the wear of this position? The wear of the vibrating screen is mainly related to the vibrating rolling bearing. Customers must choose high-quality rolling bearings, and the lubrication equipment must be effective. , the customer must always lubricate the rolling bearing.


Because the mixing blade surface must stir the concrete, so the wear is generally more serious, which requires the customer to pay attention to minimize the block hard objects or rigid wire and other objects in the mixing drum when adding raw materials, and often carry out maintenance on the mixing blade surface.


The surface of the concrete batching plant machine may be worn due to slight vibration, rolling, impact, abrasion, rust, etc., which requires customers to pay attention when using it, prevent impact, and maintain the surface cleanliness. When rust is found, it should be properly handled. The mixing drum is also often worn, which requires the customer to remove the mixing drum immediately after the work is completed to prevent the concrete from coagulating in the mixing drum.

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