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Concrete Mobile Batching Plant For Sale

November 29, 2022

Concrete mobile batching plant for sale shorten downtime, reduce costs and maintain good equipment performance and fast transfer. With the rapid development of country, more and more companies or individuals have started to invest in concrete mobile batching plant with the construction of various facilities. So how profitable is it to invest in mobile concrete batching plant?

concrete mobile batching plant for sale

If investors want to enter the concrete batching plant industry, they must first realize that mobile batching plant is a high-input industry, so they must first conduct a lot of detailed market research. It depends on whether the objects we are going to serve are in big cities or in small and medium-sized cities; whether it is a supporting service for urban construction or a one-way project service; whether it is relatively long-term and fixed, or short-term and mobile. We all know that the mobile batching plant for sale is suitable for engineering project with short construction time and long distance.


In order to avoid detours for those investors who are about to enter and prepare to enter the concrete batching plant industry, Haomei Machinery will introduce the basic considerations of construction to everyone in the form of examples, hoping to give you reference and help. Taking the establishment of a concrete mobile batching plant for sale with an annual output of 500,000 cubic meters of concrete as the research object: the total investment in building the mobile batching plant is about 100,000 dollars, of which the fixed investment is 100,000 dollars, and the annual production capacity of commercial concrete is 500,000 cubic meters. According to the current price of concrete, the approximate annual sales revenue is 30 million dollars, and the annual profit and net profit must be at least one-tenth. It is a high-investment and high-return project.


Through the comparison of investment and profit, do you have some consideration for the project investment of concrete mobile batching plant for sale? For mobile concrete batching plant equipment and station construction planning, please call the free service hotline or write email to us.

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