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Sicoma Mixer Batching Plant For Sale

December 6, 2022

The sicoma mixer batching plant for sale is famous and welcomed on concrete mixing machinety market for high mixing efficiency and best mixing quality. We all know that the concrete mixing machine is the core equipment of the concrete batching plant, but there are many types of concrete mixers in the market. Next, we will mainly explain how to choose the concrete mixer.

sicoma mixer batching plant for sale

1, Selection of self-falling type and forced type

Concrete mixers are divided into two types according to the mixing principle, namely forced type and self-falling type. The forced stirring method is: when the concrete mixer is working, the tank remains still, the stirring shaft rotates continuously, and then the stirring arm drives the stirring blades to perform forced stirring on various materials in the tank; the self-falling type mixing method is: the mixing drum rotates continuously during work, and the materials are continuously lifted by the stirring blades installed in the mixing drum, and the materials lifted to the top then fall down by their own gravity, and produce axial serial motion, thus achieve stirring action.

Compared with the two, the mixing effect of forced type concrete mixer is stronger, and the time to stir the mixture into homogeneous concrete is usually maintained at 30-60 seconds; while the self-falling mixing time may need to be doubled or even longer. Therefore, the forced mixer is basically selected as the host of the concrete mixing plant, just like sicoma mixer concrete batching plant and HZS concrete batching plant with JS seriees forced concrete mixer.


2, Selection of double-horizontal shaft and single-horizontal shaft

Forced concrete mixers can be divided into two categories: single-shaft and double-shaft. Compared with the single horizontal shaft type, the linear speed of the mixing blade will be lower and more wear-resistant; the wear degree of the liner used in each part of the tank is basically similar, and the service life of the liner is relatively longer, better economical applicability; the driving device can choose to use double sets of synchronous operation, which is more beneficial to the supporting conditions of large-scale models and the development of product serialization. Therefore, the twin shaft concrete mixer has become a widely used concrete batching plant host.


Among the concrete mixers, we can see, the twin shaft forced concrete mixer is the best type for concrete mixing machine of concrete batching plant. And in the twin shaft concrete mixer type, the SICOMA concrete mixer is the best model. The sicoma mixer batching plant for sale produced by Haomei Machinery has a wide range of adaptability to concrete slump and aggregate particle size.

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