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Skip Hoist Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturers

November 15, 2022

Skip hoist concrete batching plant manufacturers based on the high tech of concrete mixing equipment, develop through continuous innovation, improvement and perfection. Combine with own years of production experience and user feedback, the skip hoist concrete batching plant are processed. Skip concrete batching plant are widely used in the construction of small and medium sized buildings, road projects and concrete product plants. It has the characteristics of small land, energy saving, efficient, safe and reliable, fast installation, good economy, green environmental protection and other characteristics. It is a high -quality product produced by the majority of construction units.


As a member of skip hoist concrete batching plant manufacturers in China, Haomei Machinery have rich experience on concrete batching plant producing and developing. The whole skip hoist concrete batching plant machine is divided into host modules, measurement modules, charge modules, control room modules and discharge modules. After the skip hoist concrete batching plant is manufactured by manufacturers, it only needs to be simply installed at the site. Under the same capacity, the power consumption of skip hoist concrete batching plant is only half of the belt conveyor concrete bathching plant, increase the supporting energy saving measures, increase the power of the motor, and reduce the 1/3, only 30kW.

skip hoist concrete batching plant manufacturer

The skip hoist concrete batching plant are safe and reliable:

1, Use multiple limit protection to avoid pine rope, reverse and top impact

2, Equipped with anti -pendant measures to prevent falling

3, The anti -falling of our company is the most reliable and effective. After failure, we cannot stop production and continue to produce. The unique multi -rope improvement of the rope increases the service life of the wire rope, reaching 40,000 laps.

4, The diameter of the walking wheel and wire rope pulley of the bucket is large to ensure stable operation and improve the service life of the wire rope.


The skip hoist concrete batching plant aims to greatly reduce users’ investment in the foundation and reduce the workload of infrastructure. The area of contact between the equipment and the ground has been added, so that users do not need to dig deep pit during infrastructure. Greatly reduces the amount of concrete (good geological conditions, no basic stability).


Haomei Machinery is a skip hoist concrete batching plant manufacturer, we supply skip concrete batching plant, belt concrete batching plant, concrete mixers, concrete pumps, self loading concrete mixers. Welcome to inquire.

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