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Ready Mix Concrete Plant For Civil Engineering Projects

November 8, 2022

Ready mix concrete plant for civil engineering projects should be installed under the guidance of the technical personnel of the concrete mixing plant manufacturer, and after the technical function indicators of the equipment are qualified and tested, the ready mix concrete plant should be operated in strict accordance with the equipment instructions.


Before operation:

1, Qualified sand, stone and aggregate should be prepared according to the technical functions of the ready mix concrete plant for civil engineering projects;

2, Check whether the transmission, moving parts, warehouse doors, bucket doors and tracks in the mixing barrel are stuck by foreign objects;

3, Check whether the oil level of each lubricating oil tank meets the regulations;

4, Open the valve to discharge the accumulated water in the air-water separator, and open the drain plug of the air storage cylinder to release the oil-water mixture;

5, The wire rope equipment of the hoisting bucket is correct, and the brake of the hoisting bucket is active and effective;

6, All bolts have been tightened, each inlet and discharge valve has no excessive wear, and the tension of the conveyor belt is moderate and does not deviate;

7, The weighing equipment is normal, and its safety meets the regulations;

8, Electrical equipment can effectively control various tasks of the ready mix concrete plant equipment.

ready mix concrete plant for civil engineering projects

In operation:

1, When the ready mix concrete plant for civil engineering equipment is working, it is strictly forbidden for personnel to enter under the material storage area and the lifting bucket, and it is strictly forbidden to put the limbs into the hopper and mixing bucket to probe;

2, When the dragline is blocked by an obstacle, it shall not be forced to be pulled up, and the dragline shall not be used to lift heavy objects. During the pulling process, the reverse operation shall not be performed;

3, When the concrete mixer is fully loaded, it shall not be shut down. When a malfunction or power failure occurs, the power supply should be cut off in time, the switch box should be locked, and the concrete in the mixing bucket should be cleaned up, and then the malfunction should be resolved or the call should be waited for;

4, Do not overload the operation, check the working condition of the motor, and stop the machine in time to check when the sound is abnormal or the temperature rises.


After operation:

1, Before shutting down, unload and then close all switches and pipelines in order. All the cement in the spiral pipe should be transported out, and no material should be left in the pipe;

2, After the machine is turned off, all parts of the ready mix concrete plant for civil engineering projects should be cleaned, and the weighing accuracy should be guaranteed;

3, During the freezing season, the water pump, additive pump, water tank and additive tank should be exhausted, and the water pump and additive pump should be started to work within 1-2 minutes.

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