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Concrete Pump Long Boom

November 1, 2022

The concrete pump long boom is known as concrete pump truck with long boom or long boom type concrete pump. This type of concrete pump truck is divided into two parts: chassis and boom body. The chassis is selected according to the number of meters of the boom body. The mainstream chassis in the market range from 4X2 to 10X4. The 4X2 concrete pump truck has already reached 38 meters in the boom length, 6X4 concrete pump truck has reached 52 meters, and then 8X4 has reached 65 meters.

concrete pump long boom

The working principle of the upper part of the concrete pump long boom truck can be simple point of understanding is the feeding hopper → pipeline → boom pipeline → output. There are many hydraulic equipment and valve equipment involved in the work. There are many structural classifications for the boom of the concrete boom pump, namely “R type”, “M type” and “comprehensive type”. These types represent the retraction method of the boom of the concrete boom pump truck. The R type is compact in structure, the M type boom moves quickly when opening and folding, and the comprehensive type has the advantages of the first two and is gradually widely used. Because the opening space of the M-type folding boom is lower, and the structure layout of the R-type folding boom is more compact and other characteristics, the M-type, R-type and comprehensive types of the boom are mixed and used by different manufacturers.


The choice of the pump chassis of concrete pump long boom is purely to see the individual, because their use is really good. Several factors should be taken into account when choosing the chassis of the boom pump truck:

1, Reliability of vehicle engine

2, Whether the accessories are easy to buy

3, Passability of vehicle chassis

4, Matching between chassis and jacket

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