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Ready Mix Concrete Batch Plant

October 25, 2022

In order to improve the mixing efficiency of ready mix concrete batch plant, there are many methods to do. The low efficiency of the concrete batching plant mainly lies in the following aspects. The blender preparation time is longer than the blending and discharging time. Since the delivery of various raw materials can only be carried out after the preparation time is completed, in this case, there is a lot of idle time in the whole process. During this time, we can only wait for the preparation work, which greatly reduces the work efficiency. The corresponding workload could not be completed. In the production process of concrete, the denominator of the calculation of work efficiency is relatively large, that is to say, if the total production time is too long, the production balance of the entire concrete will be broken, resulting in low work efficiency.

ready mix concrete batch plant

In general, too much time is wasted in the preparation phase, which means that the weighing or transportation of raw materials takes too long. Generally speaking, it is very difficult to transport materials such as sand, gravel and stone to the mixer due to their special characteristics, so it takes a long time. During this time, the weighing and transportation of cement, curing agent and water agent can be finished, so whether the sand and pebbles can be weighed and delivered according to the standard time will directly determine the work efficiency of the ready mix concrete batch plant. In actual work, we can control the speed of the weighing tool, so that the transportation equipment can complete the transportation work to a greater extent, which is very beneficial to reduce the transportation time of pebbles and sand.


Specifically, the work effect of the concrete mixer int the ready mix batch plant for sale can directly determine the length of time required for the work. When the work effect is significant, the probability of needing to be repeated is relatively small, and the time required to be wasted is shorter. For the mixing effect, there are many factors that affect it. The integrity of the blade lining plate inside the mixer, the location of the raw materials, the time of delivery, and whether there is a shaft holding phenomenon may all have a certain impact on it. In order to solve the damage of the blade liner, we need to regularly check and monitor the actual operation, and we need to clean the tank. Only by doing a good job of cleaning and maintenance can we ensure that the blade liner is not damaged and is always maintained in good condition and working status. In addition, because powder is generally adhesive, it is not easy to successfully complete the delivery. Therefore, the timing of powder delivery needs to be determined by the staff according to their actual work experience and operating standards, so as to reduce the probability of holding the shaft. to lower. The shaft holding problem can be said to be very common in the concrete mixing process. If it is ignored, the mixing capacity of ready mix concrete batch plant will decrease and the production efficiency will be adversely affected.

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